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Vaudeville DVD!

Yes, we did it!

We made a DVD of the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue!

Recorded by Caitlin Davis!

And you can get a copy!

For only $20!

(All exclamation points free!)

Such a deal!

Send a check or money order to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore PA 18614!

Simply multiple the number of copies you want by $20 to arrive at the correct figure if you plan to pick up your copies!

Or toss in an extra $2 per copy for shipping and fondling!

Lucky, lucky you!

Looking for Actors, Writers, Singers
Things are warming up for the August performances of the second-annual Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue. Several totally ludicrous, slapstick scenes are going through the mill, along with songs that recall the old-time traditions of vaudeville and the straightforward stage shows that our parents - or was it our grandparents - enjoyed.
But there's still plenty of room for more. We need actors to fill the ever-expanding roles, and budding humorist playwrights who would like to put an act of their own together.
What are we looking for? Let's run down a few examples, taken from the acts we already have ready for rehearsal, to give you an idea:
• Oatley the Mathematical Horse will return with more abstruse computations - and he will take questions from the audience, translated for him by Miss Houyhnhnm Palomino, Certified Equinic Linqusiticator.
• The OK Chorale, winners of the Somewhat Better Than Barely Adequate Singers Competition are putting together a stirring rendition of old favorites that will take on a new flavor, somewhat like chipped beef on toast.
• We hope to have the operatic duet of pussycats that was scheduled for the previous season but canceled at the last minute when one of the cats did not come back the very next day.
• The Herb Sisters promise to spice up your evening as they merge the ingredients for a pie like no other.
• The Outer Atlantis All-Kazoo Orchestra will attempt Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and Archibald Klandestine's Hip-Flask Sonata.
• The Women's Hairdresser Quartet may or may not make an appearance, depending on the availability of high-C scissors.
• Ayhaitcha Gutz, Mistress of Misery and the angriest performer alive, has grudgingly agreed to annoy the entire audience once again.
• There will be a reprise of "A Hole in the Bucket," performed by Sir Geoffrey Svelte and Miss Marginella.
• The rightly feared Watch Children have threatened to follow the Emcee to St. Basil's Hall and lacerate his ankles.
• Tom Jones, arisen from the dead, will croon "Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women," made famous not long ago by Vladimir Putin, with the substitution of vodka.
• Disgusted diners will, despite our repeated attempts to silence them, read from the misfortune cookies served with chocolate sauce at the Thich Bad Soop Chinese Restaurant.
• Organ grinder Sergio Placebo and his simian friend Alphonse will take the presentation of their two-species routine to new heights.
• Madame I. Aint Iguana, internationally renowned lounge lizard, will prod her piano while recreating such alluring ditties of yesteryears as "I Wouldn't Give You Two Cents for Your Five-Cent Cigar."
• And at the Round Chuckafit Restaurant, patrons will be offered a such a variety of breakfast choices that it may take until dinner to make a decision.
So, we hope, you get the idea. If you'd like to join any of these acts in any capacity, or whip together an absurdity of your own, just call 570-928-8927 or email

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The Sullivan County Council on the Arts (SCCA) is an umbrella organization working to foster and preserve the artistic and cultural lives of the residents of Sullivan County, a rural community of small towns, hemlock forests and serenity in the heart of the Endless Mountains.

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Looking Ahead

2016 Youth Art Winners Named
Three SCCA judges chose the winners of the 2016 Youth Arts Awards last Saturday from 118 entires in 15 categories. The formal awarding of the cash prizes will take place this Saturday, April 30, at the Sullivan County Library in Dushore.
The entries were gathered by the school district's two new art teachers, Melissa Swift in the elementary school and Dylan Wiesner in the high school. Judges this year were SCCA president Helen Day and county artists Mary Ellen Minnier and Linda Roman.
All the entries will be displayed through April 30 in the main room of the library - including the long wall opened up by the relocation of shelving engineered by librarian Allen Miller.
And the winners are:
Kindergarten: first, Leila Young, City Scape; second, Charley Insinger, Recycled Fish Collage; third, Adilynn Thibodeault, Recycled Fish Collage; honorable mention, Charley Insinger, Tissue Paper Snowflakes.
First Grade: first, Gabriella Evans, Piet Mondrian Animal; second, Kamden Whipple, Van Gogh's Sunflowers; third, Kimberlee Bown, Paul Klee Fish; honorable mention, William Malinowski, Van Gogh's Sunflowers.
Second Grade: first, Amira Bedford, Indian Elephant; second, Grace Sperry, Egyptian Portrait; third, Blaze Fitzgerald, Indian Elephant; honorable mention, Tucker Blasi, Egyptian Portrait.
Third Grade: first, Hunter O'Conner, Birch Trees; second, Holly Sperry, Birch Trees; third, Nora Chase, Tissue Paper Snowflakes.
Fourth Grade: first, Amber Eberlin, Fantastic Architecture; second, Karlee Wettlaufter, Fantastic Architecture; third, Karlee Wettlaufter, Positive and Negative Space Snowman; honorable mention, Elisha Giest, Fantastic Architecture.
Fifth Grade: first, Lyndsay Smith, Picasso Portrait; second, Caleb Seeley, Monochromatic Snow Man; third, Jasmine Wright, Monochromatic Snow Man; honorable mention, Cassidy Skoranski, Notan Design.
Sixth Grade: first, Lorena Marquardt, Zentangle Still Life; second, Grace Betts, Zentangle Still Life.
Ninth Grade, Drawing: first, Aaron Kinsey, Hobo the Dolphin; second, Emma Shadduck, The Lizard; third, Dakota Barto, The Fish; honorable mention, Andrew Okolowski, Instant Headache.
Ninth Grade, Mixed Media: first, Aaron Kinsey, Arctic Family; second, Dakota Barto, The Lion; third, Emma Shadduck, The Fox; honorable mention, Kaitlyn Miller, Running Free.
Tenth Grade, Drawing: first, Brice Hoffman, Carlos; second, Elizabeth Fluck, Remy; third, Kennedie Bahr, Aztec Elephant; honorable mention, Ariel Leahy, Bulldog.
Tenth Grade, Mixed Media: first, Quincy Fry, Elephant; second, Libby Schreffler, Whipping Boy, 10; third, Nathan Schreffler, Vader/Ren; honorable mention, Lizz Popadich, Dragonfly.
Eleventh Grade, Drawing: first, Hayden Baumunk, King; second, Jessica Boyd, Bumble Bee; third, Kadyn Heisman, The Lion; honorable mention, George Stockage, The Night.
Eleventh Grade, Mixed Media: first, Hayden Baumunk, The Face; second, Kadyn Heisman, Mockingbird; third, Jackie Hill, Rainbow Bear; honorable mention, Skylar N. Carpenter, Moonlight.
Twelfth Grade, Drawing: first, Kayla Magargle, Freedom; second, Molly Frey, Love Is What I Got; third, Morgan Farrell, Calm Kitty; honorable mention, Courtney Smith, Black on White.
Twelfth Grade, Mixed Media: first, Molly Frey, The Wizard; second, Carly Lewis, Good Morning Moon; third, Courtney Smith, Summer Night; honorable mention, Mackenzie Doyle, Sea Turtle.
Congratulations to all these wonderful current and future artists. Everyone is invited to the awards ceremony, Saturday, April 23 at 1 pm at the library. With any luck, there will be some minor refreshments.







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