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Vaudeville DVD!

Yes, we did it!

We made a DVD of the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue!

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Send a check or money order to SCCA, PO Box 243, Dushore PA 18614!

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Ultimate Musical Theater Weekend
The SCCA filled St. Basil's Hall in Dushore with music and nonsense almost nonstop from Friday evening, August 26, through Sunday night.
First came the annual explosion of Irish music and dance by the Celtic Martins on Friday, followed on Saturday by the Martin Sisters Band doing swing and Western swing, the Roving Hysterical Theater Vaudeville Revival and Old-Time Nonsense Revue and, last but far from least, folk and blues singer Geoff Muldaur, who drew fans from as far as Virginia.
The Sunday wrapup featured a fiddle workshop for kids and adults and a second appearance by the Vaudeville Revue.
The new, bigger, higher stage brought the Martins' spectacular step dancing up to eye level and gave the Vaudeville Revue a two-level performance space for its multiple restaurant scenes and the engaging presence of Oatley the Mathematical Horse. Repeat appearances by Sir Geoffrey Svelte and Ayhaitcha Gutz smeared insult and arrogance across the audience, and the fearsome Watch Children threatened to dissect beleaguered emcee Tom Jones.
Muldaur found an appreciative audience here, his voice stunningly alive and undiminished by the years.
As for the Martins ensemble, its nine members both entice and enliven, bringing out the kind of immediate enthusiasm that other groups can only envy.

Welcome to the Sullivan County Council on the Arts

Looking Forward to
Local Arts in 2017

The Sullivan County Council on the Arts (SCCA) is an umbrella organization working to foster and preserve the artistic and cultural lives of the residents of Sullivan County, a rural community of small towns, hemlock forests and serenity in the heart of the Endless Mountains.

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Looking Ahead

Choice of Show Winner: Hayden Baumunk
Hayden Baumunk's "Bonsai Tree"
received the SCCA Choice of Show award at the May 17 Sullivan County High School art show.
The award reached a milestone with its 20th annual presentation. Hayden's twisted-wire sculpture is only the second 3D piece to win during those two decades. It will be enclosed in a specially designed case and installed in the school's hallway to join its 19 predecessors.
The decision was not an easy one for the Arts Council's three judges, artist Paul Krieg, elementary art teacher Melissa Swift, and potter Linda White. The wire trees- one of several course projects developed by high school art teacher Dylan Wiesner - drew many unique, free-flowing entries, to say nothing of the wealth of drawings, paintings and ceramic work on display by the 47 students whose work lined the hallway.
A graduating senior, Hayden also took first prize for his overall art display, chosen by a separate panel of judges.
As has been the custom, the Arts Council purchased the Choice of Show work from the artist with the understanding that it will remain on permanent display at the school, along with a commemorative plaque. Visit the high school hallway any day and take in one of the most outstanding displays of student artwork in the state, a lasting testament to what our small, focused county can produce.

What Would You Like to See/Hear Next Year?
The Arts Council is busy putting together the 2018 season, which will include most of the usual suspects along with, we hope, some new music-theater-visual arts extravaganzas. What would you like to watch or listen to? We're open to ideas from all directions, some of which could help the organization draw funding from new sources. We need your input. Send ideas along to info at

Literary Award Winners Present Their Prose and Poetry
Three SCCA judges have picked this year's winners of the annual high school Literary Award, a tough job considering the quality of the work submitted. The top four will each receive a cash prize at the Sullivan County High School awards assembly in May.

These picks, along with all entries that the judges deemed meritorious, will be published in the Arts Council's Hills and Valleys literary magazine.

First prize went to senior Libby Schreffler for " Retrouvaille," an illuminating story of gentle romance at the end of life. The story is reprinted at the end of this article.

Kyler Burke, last year's top winner, took second prize with "Winter  Wonderland," a charming yet "chilling" tale of a chance encounter with Jack Frost that may just change the weather, if not the narrator's life.

For third prize, the judges chose Sam Skoranski's multi-part story, "Before and After," told with shifting first- and third-person viewpoints, in which Marley finds herself in Elysium following an horrific accident.

Fourth prize winner RuthAnn Green examines the bad - but mostly the good - of daily life in her poem "Green Eyes."

The Judges - artist Cat Badger, Arts Council president Helen Day, and former two-time first-prize winner Megan Kiner - also chose two honorable mentions: In "Crooked Smile," Paul Farrell's protagonist finds himself running from an enemy much closer than he ever suspected, and Kirk Kleinsasser's poem "Winter's Roar" highlights the annual battle of the seasons as spring takes on the last angry elements of winter.

Hill and Valleys magazine will include not only all the top entries from the literary contest but the high school level winners of the Arts Council's Youth Art Exhibit, focused on the visual arts. It will be available for free at the high school and also from the Arts Council. Publication is scheduled for mid-May.

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